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Mercury/32 v4.6 in late testing
Mercury/32 v4.6 is now late in testing, and I thought I'd give you a preview of some the new capabilities it holds.
  • Threaded core:  The core module (the central part of the program that handles mail delivery and routing) is now somewhat multithreaded, resulting in throughput performance increases of anything up to 350% on busy queues.
  • MercuryP (the POP3 server) has been totally overhauled. It is now vastly faster, and a number of problems have been fixed (in particular, an issue arising from a long-standing bug in Windows where message UIDs would change after a daylight savings time change, resulting in mail being downloaded again). It also now includes the short-term blacklisting capabilities found in MercuryI and MercuryS for handling pests and brute-force password crackers.
  • MercuryP now supports login-time filtering: simply by adding any of several filter criteria to the username you use to login to MercuryP, you can control the mail it will present to you. This means that if you only want to see unread urgent mail from "bob" on your PDA, you can now do this, just by adding the string "(urgent,new,from=bob)" to your login name.
  • Mercury now includes a new commandline mail generator called MSendTo: MSendTo can generate mail in a wide range of formats and writes directly to the Mercury queue. It will be very useful for system administrators and anyone wanting to send mail under programmatic control.
  • New consoles: the Mercury protocol modules now have a new console design and interface. I know this doesn't sound like much, and you won't notice a lot of difference, but it's a huge step towards making the Mercury user interface remotable.
  • The MercuryB MLSS mailing list subscription management interface has been totally overhauled. It now offers important new features like the ability to change your status for all lists on the server and to retrieve your list password by e-mail, and has numerous improvements and fixes. A mailing list moderator utility is in development but probably won't be available until the next release.
  • MercuryI (the IMAP server) has had a number of fixes, and now caches the inbox, resulting in a huge performance increase when opening that folder.
  • Lots of small bug fixes.
  • Update notifications and advisories: licensed copies of Mercury will be able to receive notifications of new updates and advisories on security and other issues. License uptake on Mercury has been fair since the licenses became available, but it could definitely be better, and I'm hoping this feature might act as a motivator.

It's possible that this feature list may expand prior to release, but right now, release is itself a feature. I hope to get v4.6 out the door soon.


-- David --

Posted: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:20 AM by David Harris


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