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Current status of Mercury/32 v4.6

Just a short posting to let you know that there should be a minor update release of Mercury/32 v4.6, probably with the version number v4.7, late in February.

The changes will not be gigantic - mostly bug fixes and small incremental improvements, such as allowing IMAP connections via direct-connect SSL.

We have begun a significant redevelopment process on some of the core innards of Mercury - most specifically the folder management layer and the user database subsystem: these changes, along with increased Windows integration, native service support, and increased web management capabilities will be the focus of our work this year (although I do have one "surprise" feature coming up in the next few months that I believe many sites will find extremely useful).

While I hate putting in shameless plugs, times are very hard, and all license purchases for Mercury are gratefully received at the moment. Furthermore, if you know of people you think might benefit from Mercury, please introduce them to it - the more the word gets around, the more likely it is that the program can continue to thrive.


-- David --

Posted: Monday, February 02, 2009 2:13 PM by David Harris


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