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Peter Strömblad

Peter lives in Sweden and is an independent contractor with hosting services.
Codename: Madmin

The time has come to start a long awaited project!

Madmin is my codename, until someone has a better name for it.

Madmin is short of Mailserver Administrator.

All the way back from 2000 we've administered our Mercury installations through a web interface, with a SQL-database and a separate program called MercurySynch.

Madmin's objective is to replace MercurySynch.

As such, it will be:
1. a webservice
2. utilizing IIS
3. directly manipulate one or more Mercury/32 Mailservers.

Our old MercurySynch polls the database at 20 minute intervals, but a webservice with direct access will do its work directly when called upon.

A webservice has the benefit that it is a stand alone application, and can just as Rolfs HTTPServer start, stop, pause, reload any instance via Windows Messaging. Designing a webservice also has the benefit that it is fairly easy to create administrational modules for that can be integrated into larger packages, or created as a stand-alone Mail Administrator web-site.

How do we begin?

Well, the only way to start is to iron out the relational data model. I have a few requisites:
1. Multiple Mercury installations has to be supported
2. Multiple domains
3. Local users, tied to organizational entity
4. Domains, tied to organizational entity
5. Alias handling
6. Relay
7. Autoresponders

Anything missed?

If you feel you want to be part of this, or if you have expectations or valuable input - now is the time to put that forth in the notes to this post.

Tool and reporting.

As I go along, I'll post my thoughts here - and I'll also update this space regularly as I make progress. When there is something to test I'll share it in the downloads section here at the community. I know we will later get into design issues, as well as PDA support for a proper and sleek Mail Server Administration web site. The tool I use is Visual Studio 2008 and the language will be C#.

Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 3:48 PM by Peter Strömblad


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