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Peter Strömblad

Peter lives in Sweden and is an independent contractor with hosting services.
Software Development - this is how it works!

Suddenly it's just there, the latest creation of software with an incomprehensible help file and all possible legal statements about on your own risk as the result of a completely quality proven product. What you actually get, is the result of the following:

  1. The developer creates what he thinks is bug free code.
  2. The program is tested, and 20 bugs are found
  3. The developer corrects 10 bugs and declares that the remaining 10 are actually not bugs.
  4. The testers realizes that five of the fixes does not work, and finds another 15 bugs.
  5. Back to item 3...
  6. Back to item 4...
  7. Back to item 5..
  8. Back to item 6..
  9. Back to item 7..
  10. Back to item 8.
  11. Marketing department now demands release based on their much too early press-release, so the package is delivered.
  12. Early adopters identify 137 bugs....
  13. The developer has already gotten paid, and has left the building.
  14. A temporary development team co-operates and resolves nearly all bugs, but in the process they create 456 new ones.
  15. The testers get a postcard from Bali - from the developer. All testers resign.
  16. The business is sold to a company who made their profit from their latest creation, with 789 bugs....
  17. The board hires a new CEO, who hires a developer ready to develop from scratch.
  18. The developer creates what he thinks is bug free code...
Posted: Friday, March 27, 2009 8:54 PM by Peter Strömblad


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