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Status at 26 March 2007

Just a short initial note to describe where we stand at 26 March 2007...

For the last few months, I have been porting the Pegasus Mail codebase (300+ source files, 450,000+ lines of C code) from the ancient Borland compiler I have used for many years to Microsoft Visual C++. The process has proven to be quite a lot more involved than I expected, and I and the test team have spent a lot of time tracking down issues resulting from the port. The primary benefit of this move is improved debugging, and we have already tracked down numerous small to medium reliability problems as a result of doing so. Moving to Visual C++ also gives me a future development path for the Windows environment, so it was really an essential task.

In the course of the port, I also decided to make some major changes to one of the internal interfaces Pegasus Mail uses. This process has been even more complex, but provides the basis for a very significant new plugin programming API that will be available in future.

The overall process of porting, checking, and modifying the interfaces is, however, now mostly done, and I hope to get back to significant coding of new features soon. I wouldn't care to estimate when we might have another release of the program, but probably not before the end of May at the earliest at this stage. The exact feature set that will appear in the next version is also still not firmly decided - as we get tighter on it, though, I'll provide information here.


-- David --


Posted: Monday, March 26, 2007 2:46 PM by David Harris
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