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File Date Added Downloads  
This utility, given a filename will report the cur...
2016-11-04 216 Download
File Size 154.2kB
This utility will hold a message until scheduled s...
2015-02-12 369 Download
File Size 29.9kB
2014-08-06 1697 Download
File Size 12kB
Program POPWatch runs on background of Mercury/32 ...
2013-10-19 701 Download
File Size 33.7kB
This is a small Daemon for Mercury/32 that disable...
2013-07-06 611 Download
File Size 25.9kB
Program WSMTPEx "moves" emails from given inboxes ...
2013-01-29 356 Download
File Size 50.7kB
Macro to invoke Pegasus Mail to mail out the curre...
2012-05-21 794 Download
File Size 902 bytes
SendSprd.bas runs as a macro within MS Excel and u...
2012-05-21 789 Download
File Size 902 bytes
This ZIP file contains a patched version of Pegasu...
2011-11-05 2299 Download
File Size 156kB
Extensive VBA functions for administration of Merc...

2011-07-24 743 Download
File Size 14kB

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