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MiniDump extension for Win2K/WinXP and later including sources

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Downloads: 3257 File Size: 582kB
Posted By: idw Views: 7314
Date Added: 2008-10-19

See announcement. In case you wonder why the sources are included: It's good practice to do so if a tool is capable of causing privacy issues - dump files may contain lots of details about your machine including (email account) passwords. Version history:

11.09.2016, 02:00 pm (MST): exception codes and messages adjusted.

10.09.2016, 10:00 pm (MST): adds version info for versions later than Windows7 and Server 2008.

10.02.2014, 11:30 pm (MET): fixes some issues and reports Internet Explorer version more precisely.

13.12.2011, 05:30 pm (MET): provides progress dialogs while writing (single) dumps and captures Delphi's exception messages if applicable.

16.08.2011, 07:30 pm (MST): fixes a startup issue with the update dialog and tries to prevent the mailbox locked dialog after crashing.

31.07.2011, 02:00 pm (MST): add's an update dialog accessible via Tools => Extensions => MiniDump.

05.06.2011, 12:15 pm (MST): fixes build info retrieval.

25.05.2011, 07:00 pm (MST): supports detailed SafeCall error reporting.

13.05.2011, 01:00 am (MST): provides internal and some UI enhancements.

22.04.2011, 01:00 pm (MST): supports running multiple Pegasus Mail instances.

27.03.2011, 06:00 pm (MST): includes IE version in report and fixes some minor issues.

06.02.2011, 06:00 pm (MET): includes more details about printer and HTML renderer(s) being used into reports.

12.11.2010, 09:00 pm (MET): no changes to the tools, just an installer update dealing with UAC issues on Windows 7 and Vista which caused the setup to fail in certain environments.

01.11.2010, 09:00 pm (MET): provides two additional Start menu group icons for launching the debugger in Catch all or Snapshot mode which offer additional debugging options as described in the Readme-file.

04.10.2010, 09:00 pm (MST): provides some internal enhancements plus a special commandline switch for reporting non-fatal exceptions in more thorough debugging attempts.

15.05.2010, 08:30 pm (MST): added support for 64bit versions of Windows, an auto-restart mechanism for Vista/Server2008 and later and a speculative mechanism for preventing data loss via open files on crash; the version for NT/9X systems isn't maintained anymore but still available for download; please note that the latter fails to uninstall, if you need help in doing so please let me know.

16.04.2009, 04:20 pm (MST): added an instance check to allow only a single instance of the "stand-alone" debugger to run.

08.04.2009, 11:50 am (MST): fixed an issue causing crashes when shutting down Pegasus Mail under certain conditions.

21.03.2009, 02:00 pm (MET): French translation completed; including a workaround for the Window menu issue.

07.03.2009, 12:00 am (MET): I've added a start menu shortcut for enabling/disabling the debug extension.

25.12.2008, 12:15 am (MET): the stand-alone debugger can sufficiently handle infinite debug error loops.

09.11.2008, 12:15 am (MET): Italian translation completed.

07.11.2008, 07:00 pm (MET): several minor fixes and enhancements.

04.11.2008, 03:45 pm (MET): a language selection fix and some additions, see detailed post.

03.11.2008, 02:10 am (MET): fixed the installer for creating a proper link to the stand-alone debugger.

02.11.2008, 02:20 pm (MET): reworked and more reliable version (according to my tests); also includes "external" debugger, see most recent post to this thread for details.

23.10.2008, 09:20 pm (MST): Italian translation of latest installer feature completed.

21.10.2008, 10:00 pm (MST): installer now prompts for user-specific installation recommended for network setups.

19.10.2008, 07:45 pm (MST): sources included for review, download via community downloads.

18.10.2008, 10:00 pm (MST): version info added to subject line.

13.10.2008, 11:30 pm (MST): Italian translation completed.

12.10.2008, 06:00 pm (MST): more "silent crash" fixes.

07.10.2008, 11:15 pm (MST): reporting address corrected ...

07.10.2008, 09:00 pm (MST): "silent crashes" are now caught as well.

06.10.2008, 05:15 pm (MST): added Italian language resources.

05.10.2008, 04:30 pm (MST): fixed a crash when using it with Pegasus Mail v3.x.

05.10.2008, 01:00 am (MST): fixed language handling of the installer and provides a 20 KB smaller extension.

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