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Setting Pegasus Mail as default system mailer

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Posted By: idw Views: 7896
Date Added: 2008-11-25

For details see this announcement - version 1.5.1 and later work on XP, VISTA & WINDOWS 7 and request admin rights automatically. NB: If using it for registering MapiPM.dll you need to copy MapiPM.dll to Pegasus Mail's executable directory (the one containing WINPM-32.EXE) before launching SetPMDefault.exe (which should be copied to the same directory, BTW) - you can run SetPMDefault.exe multiple times if required, it doesn't cause any ill effects. Upcoming versions of Pegasus Mail will include this tool and execute it as required. Version 1.5.2 (September 2010) fixes an issue preventing MapiPM from working with Adobe (Acrobat) Reader under certain conditions.


jbanks said:

Just wanted to add this worked for me on Windows8 64bit, BUT after downloading and running the program i then had to do the following: go into control panel go into programs go into "default programs" click on "Associate a file type or protocol with a program" scroll way to the bottom and look for "MAILTO" click on it and now "Pegasus Mail WSENDTO Utility" will be there select it and you should be good.
2013-11-04 19:38

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