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MKQUOT - Makes RQUOTES.R (Pegasus Mail format Quotation File)

File Details
Downloads: 895 File Size: 67.3kB
Posted By: Martin Schnabel Views: 2381
Date Added: 2010-03-14
MKQUOT simplifies the creation of the Pegasus Mail RQUOTES.R file, which is used for variable signatures. It is freeware and copyrighted by Jan Sjöberg.

The archiv file contains the original mkquot archiv (with the original 16-bit version) and recompiled versions for 16- (Pentium II compatible), 32- and 64-bit environment.


Martin Schnabel said:

Since WinPMail 4.61, there is a 32-bit-version of RESCOM.EXE in the resource-directory. So no Virtual-Win32 or DOS-Emulator is needed on 64-bit systems anymore.
2011-03-20 11:30

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