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LibTidy update

File Details
Downloads: 2636 File Size: 156kB
Posted By: idw Views: 5246
Date Added: 2011-11-05

This ZIP file contains a patched version of Pegasus Mail's LibTidy library which is used for preprocessing all HTML messages before they are rendered by either Pegasus Mail's built-in renderer (TER/HTS, for replies and forwards or on the attachments pane), BearHtml or IERenderer. It provides fixes for some malformatted HTML streams which cause the display to stay blank with the current official version. The new library needs to replace the existing one in Pegasus Mail's program directory (the one containing WINPM-32.EXE), please shut down Pegasus Mail for doing so. Please note: You're strongly advised to update Pegasus Mail to its latest version before applying the LibTidy patch!

08.11.2011, 02:30 (MET): Version 1.0.5 fixes a line break related issue and an X(HT)ML tag issue.

31.01.2013, 20:00 (MET): Version 1.0.6 fixes issues with conditional comments created by MS applications.

11.06.2019, 22:00 (MST): Version 1.0.7 fixes an issue with a mismatching function export.

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Jeff said:

This fix didn't work. I installed Pegasus 4.62 and found that HTML e-mails were blank. First I updated to Internet Explorer 8 (as high as I can go with Windows XP), but that didn't fix it. I then installed the above DLL file, overwriting the previous version. I then opened Pegasus, but the HTML e-mails are still blank. I have an Acer Aspire 5670 Windows XP with Service Pack 3 Internet Explorer 8 Sincerely, Jeff
2011-11-07 19:23

idw said:

Jeff, please check the support forum for other possible issues, aside from this try again with the latest update just uploaded. And in general: It's not a good idea to post comments here since I don't get notified of them - while I regularly check the support forum. Michael
2011-11-08 2:25

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