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Posted By: Thomas R. Stephenson Views: 4407
Date Added: 2008-12-22

Program WSMTPEx "moves" emails from given inboxes of the Mercury program to another SMTP server. It is suitable e.g. for relay of some mail accounts to another server - in fact it works opposite way to the MercuryD module.

It expects mailboxes in the form of Pegasus Mail / Mercury mail server (or anything, what stores mails in folder as CNM files in plain text RFC822/RFC2822/RFC5322 format).

WSMTPEX.EXE works on Windows.

  • It works with Windows 2000, 2003 and WindowsXP. It was never tested on Vistas.
  • It has BadMail folder - mails with permanent errors are moved to separate folder
  • It has support for domain mailboxes (looks into mail file for real address to send to)
  • Uses the X-Envelope-To: address added by Mercury/32 when the mail is put into the domain mailbox.


Thomas R. Stephenson said:

This and other daemons/software by Petr Jacklin can be found at
2008-12-22 20:47

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