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PGP 9 and Avira incompatible

Last post 08-25-2009, 20:34 by idw. 1 replies.
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  •  08-24-2009, 19:12

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    PGP 9 and Avira incompatible

    Firstly, to share an experience with you:

    I'm using the Avira Security Suite ( - If I only had read the Avira and PGP are incompatible!)

    Installed PGP 9 from PGP Corp. - the Avira Firewall became unreliable and Mailguard inoperational. After removing PGP everything went back to normal, however PGP left some 1500 lines of whatever info in the registry! Luckily I had a backup...

    Secondly, a question:

    What PGP standards encrypter works well with Pegasus - for someone who is 100% no-programmer?

    I would dream of something as functional as Michaels PGP interface with a clean and steightforward PGP engine, which can handle (without fuzz) those confidential mails with attachments, some incomming certainly with some weired html formatting and imbedded pix (some just need it!).

    I would be grateful for suggestions!



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  •  08-25-2009, 20:34

    • idw is not online. Last active: Sun, May 31 2020, 15:57 idw
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    Re: PGP 9 and Avira incompatible

    You may give PGP 8.1 a try which doesn't work as a proxy - but also lacks some recent fixes and enhancements which you might not miss, though.


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