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Pegasus 4.61

Last post 09-03-2011, 23:47 by Jerry Wise. 1 replies.
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  •  09-03-2011, 22:49

    Tongue Tied [:S] Pegasus 4.61

    Good Afternoon:

    I can't get the new mail filtering rules to function. As in earlier versions, I set-up basic rules based on header data... to move the mail out of the new mail and into the target mail folder. Incoming mail arrives but is not distributed. Quite a bit of the new mail winds-up in the junk and suspicious mail folder?

    Any guidance gladly accepted.


    Tom G, Sr. 


  •  09-03-2011, 23:47

    • Jerry Wise is not online. Last active: Thu, Aug 13 2015, 18:26 Jerry Wise
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    Re: Pegasus 4.61

    Did you just move to a win7 machine for the first time? What system were you using before and where was Pegasus Mail installed? Where is it installed on the new machine? It sounds as if you had filtering and spamhalter and content control working ok or turned off on the old install and now on the new install they are turned on. Any custom settings or changes to either were probably not now available to the new version install.

    If you did copy old install information and settings and rules to the new machine and install it is usually certain that the full paths to folders and other things and whatever rules pointed toward are now different on the new machine and install. It may be the case where you have to recreate and redo nearly all settings using the new version install and the current username which may or may not be the same as the former install.

    Do Help, About, Info button and check the path to winpm-32 and also the path to home mail box and new mail box and compare that to the old install. Unless all of that is identical all those old settings and paths must be changed and the old stuff *should not* be copied to the new install.


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