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Release 4.61

Last post 06-18-2012, 19:29 by mrgoe. 47 replies.
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  •  03-22-2011, 21:56

    • rogers is not online. Last active: 18-06-2012, 19:41 rogers
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    Re: Release 4.61 (crash report) ME TOO



    Well, this one is actually called Pegasus freezes on applying delete attachment mail filtering rule, and I'll ask Steffan to provide the filter rule and a dump so it might be a bit easier to fix.

    Added an example in the above mentioned thread.



    This is Forwarding a message is creating an attachment, actually not an "empty" one: Given the amount of work on David Harris' plate I just assume this one is only a minor annoyance (and I know there are more of them in Pegasus Mail) ...

    True, its not empty. Its a 2,0 k attachment with a random filename and containing junk. The minor annoyance causes that a lot of people ask me, how to open that file.


  •  06-16-2012, 18:03

    Re: Release 4.61

    Hey guys,just downloaded and installed this release i really really like the user interface, everything is very friendly and easy to use, cheers guys!!!
  •  06-18-2012, 19:29

    • mrgoe is not online. Last active: 07-17-2012, 7:36 mrgoe
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    Re: Release 4.61


    An option for Large or Small Icons like many other programs offer would meet most preferences.

    Yes, I agree with you there. And I would also applaud it if the interface were made skinnable. Not that I'm a 'skinner' myself, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who'd be happy to indulge their creativity. Besides, wouldn't it be a load off the developers' backs?



    Hey Steffan can you make someone (say for example me) a custom skin ? :D I am trying to make one for ages but still have problems:)

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