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Secure file transfer

Last post 08-05-2014, 19:51 by Rolf Lindby. 3 replies.
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  •  07-29-2014, 14:20

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    Secure file transfer

    I recently became interested in secure file transferring, as I had to share some personal files. I had a hard time before finding a useful service so I thought that, maybe we can start a helpful discussion exchanging information about secure transfer services?

    So far, I've used pCloud transfer, as it's free and requires no registration to be used. It basically sends an email to your recipient with details on the transfered information and a box to fill in the password you've written yourself. The only inconvenience is that you have to personally share your password with the one, who has to receive the data, but I guess it's like that for better security.

    I'd be happy to hear other suggestions!


    Maybe pCloud Transfer can be helpful to you?

  •  08-05-2014, 14:25

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    Re: Secure file transfer

    And what's the relationship of your statement to Pegasus or Mercury?

    bye   Olaf


  •  08-05-2014, 14:54

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    Re: Secure file transfer

    And what's the relationship of your statement to Pegasus or Mercury?

    It's just spam, Olaf, I think I reported it already ...


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  •  08-05-2014, 19:51

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    Re: Secure file transfer

    This sub-forum isn't limited to topics concerning Pegasus and Mercury, or even email as such, so from that point of view the post is acceptable. The advertising aspect is more debatable, but as the service in question is free it might be reasonable to inform about it.
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