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Pegasus Mail 5 request

Last post 06-10-2015, 19:35 by rat. 3 replies.
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  •  03-21-2015, 16:39

    • rat is not online. Last active: 01-09-2019, 10:29 rat
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    Pegasus Mail 5 request

    Pegasus Mail can be now best email client. I was Eudora user for many years but now it's very outdated program (only ISO support, no UTF, no encoding etc.). I was trying all email client I've found on market, including The Bat (can detach attachment while receiving mail - that's what I like, is fast but is full of bugs has really crappy editor and stupid configuration), Thunderbird (slow as hell), Sylpheed (only txt format, no html and very slow search), eM Client (heavy crap with no bottom posting support and not other stuff I like), Opera Mail (nice but not so much configurable) and many more. Of course I've testing Pegasus Mail 4 (lack of few basic options - I'm sure of that because I've ask for them by email). IMO Pegasus Mail 5 should be released as soon as possible until will be too late and crappy email clients get 100% of market.

    What I expect in perfect email client? Basically everyting that Eudora has plus UTF support. And that is:

    1. Detach attachment while reading email from server (and put attachment in separate directory) as an option - that makes mailboxes small and light and I can access all attachments without even start email client.

    2. Attach file only while sending and not put attachment in outbox file.

    3. "Mail on server indicator" - some icon that shows me which emails are still on server (in POP mode) with possibility to mark some of them for delete in next mail check.

    4. Delete mail from server after x days (this is very important - only Pegasus Mail has no this option).

    5. Very fast search - I don't know how Eudora makes that (maybe because that detach attachments but it's not only because of that - TheBat has possibility to detach attachments too and even then his search is much slower) and, what is important too, search by ANY FIELD (including body).

    6. Portable mode (mail directory possible to put inside email client directory).

    7. Nice HTML support, but also good plain text support.

    8. Possibility to top-posting / bottom-posting select.

    9. Automatically change footer when I change personality / email account while editing.

    10. Lot of configuration options but NOT TOO MUCH (The Bat and Pegasus Mail has too many options imo - lot of them can be set by author as default with possibility to enter separate advanced mode if someone likes changing rare options).

    All of these will make perfect email client imo. I hope Pegasus Mail 5 will be released soon.

    BTW. When people can expect Pegasus Mail 5? :)


  •  03-31-2015, 6:05

    Re: Pegasus Mail 5 request

    Your post has many thoughtful suggestions.

    Any prospect of Version 5 has my attention.

    Pegasus was my essential email client for many years.  Hopefully Version 5 will be more capable with respect to multiple monitors, so that Pegasus can avoid opening on a non-existant monitor.

    Yes, we all appreciate David Harris's work toward Version 5.  We all wish the best for him.

  •  05-18-2015, 11:15

    • Kyriccer is not online. Last active: 05-18-2015, 12:00 Kyriccer
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    Re: Pegasus Mail 5 request

    This post is very informative. Thank you!
  •  06-10-2015, 19:35

    • rat is not online. Last active: 01-09-2019, 10:29 rat
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    Re: Pegasus Mail 5 request

    I still want to know when we can expect at least beta Pegasus Mail? Online email clients are more and more popular but some people like me loves "classic" email clients. New Pegasus Mail is what can beat competition.

    About nice features - what about on-the-fly (or by using some button) convert top-posted emails to bottom-posted if possible? Also bottom-posted to top-posted for top-posting users. This should be useful.


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