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As of yesterday, my Pegasus 4.7 cannot sign in to my University's IMAP

Last post 12-27-2015, 0:28 by Dave Bellerophon. 3 replies.
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  •  12-24-2015, 10:02

    As of yesterday, my Pegasus 4.7 cannot sign in to my University's IMAP

    I'm in despair.

    Though I can send messages via the usual SMTP, and I still have full functionality with my FTP connection, and I have no problems with the web GUI version of my Univeristy email, I suddenly am getting consistent error messages without any specifics (just "The IMAP server that manages this mailbox or folder has reported an error during the operation you have attempted to perform. The operation cannot be completed.")

    Therefore, I cannot access anything in IMAP via Pegasus. My University IT works with Gmail in our academic e-mail system (and I've read a bit of controversy here about that and OAUTH2). Coincidentally, the IT team that has been working on my sudden impasse to IMAP mentioned today that OAUTH2 finally solved similar issues with Thunderbird E-mail, but it was solved only after an update to the latest Thunderbird.

    But for now Pegasus is not allowed to access my IMAP account no matter what settings I choose - and I've tried every possible combination I know. After more than 15 years, I've finally encountered a brick wall. I cannot fix this, even with IT's help - even after restoring my whole computer to a formerly working version without success, and then updating Pegasus (which actually made IMAP totally unresponsive - no "connecting to server", no error response whatsoever when I opened Pegasus. So I restored the previous version (still 4.7) again (at least I get an attempt to connect message and then an error message!).

    By the way, my IT reports no major changes on record, but said that it could have been some minor change in the system they share with gmail. And of course, they'll be on vacation until January 4th. So I'm dead in the water.

    A devoted Pegasus user and fan since 1997.
  •  12-25-2015, 21:55

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    Re: As of yesterday, my Pegasus 4.7 cannot sign in to my University's IMAP

    have you tried falling back to POP3 instead of IMAP ?


  •  12-25-2015, 23:27

    Re: As of yesterday, my Pegasus 4.7 cannot sign in to my University's IMAP

    have you tried falling back to POP3 instead of IMAP ?  Martin

    Yes, I've certainly considered that! I actually don't know if the Univ.'s POP3 is accessible now either, as I haven't tried it yet. But I was ready to do so. I told the IT techs - who were trying figure out the sudden IMAP impasse - that I was planning to switch to POP3, but they reminded me that I have 1000s of documents in dozens of folders (and subfolders) on the IMAP server - that is basically my whole "filing cabinet" for the curriculum for all the courses I teach, many of my financial and tax records (all in encrypted form, of course), receipts for everything, business and personal correspondence, etc., etc. (Since the IMAP server is continuously backed up, it's a very secure place to keep things in order).

    At present, I cannot access any of that except through the University's clumsy browser GUI on the web, and it will take me several tedious hours to get everything to my local computer.

    In Pegasus, using IMAP, I could just simply make all the transfers within the e-mail client itself - as easy as "drag and drop". But that is not possible with Pegasus now! I will have to get (and learn and set up) another e-mail client.



    A devoted Pegasus user and fan since 1997.
  •  12-27-2015, 0:28

    Re: As of yesterday, my Pegasus 4.7 cannot sign in to my University's IMAP

    PROBLEM IDENTIFIED! Party!!! It has nothing to do with Pegasus! It's Google. Now it's just up to my university's IT to remedy it for me.

    Today, with one short series of steps I found on the web. I successful linked my Pegasus 4.7 to Yahoo's IMAP server in mere minutes and had full connectivity - all my Yahoo folders and email appeared and functioned within Pegasus.

    However, I had a maddening labyrinth to go through to link my personal (not univ.) Gmail to Pegasus with IMAP. You have to go into your Gmail account, go to Settings, then Forwarding and POP/IMAP, select IMAP "on", then follow a link at the bottom of that page to configure the setup, then follow another link to "Other devices" and finally click to another page to choose to turn "Less Secure Apps" ON - and THEN Pegasus can access Gmail's IMAP as well as Yahoo's! The number of steps to do so is absolutely absurd, but it's done now. And it works fine.

    The problem is that my university has partnered with Google with their IMAP setup, and the U's user-unfriendly Outlook web interface does not offer this series of steps to select the necessary IMAP options to access my own university account via Pegasus as I've done for 15 years. And nobody will be back in IT until January 4th.

    But now, at least I know it's not any problem with Pegasus and simply a new confounding problem created by Google, the ones who keep making the internet more difficult in the interest of needless innovation and monopoly. ("Labels" indeed! Hmm Just give me folders!)

    A devoted Pegasus user and fan since 1997.
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