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Pegasus Mail manual

Last post 01-23-2016, 23:38 by WindSweptCowboy. 2 replies.
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  •  01-12-2016, 15:36

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    Pegasus Mail manual

    First let me express my gratitude to the beta tester.  I corresponded with a couple of you directly (and probably others that I don't know are beta testers) and am most appreciative of your contributions to Pegasus Mail. 

    I write this knowing that I am stating an obvious when I say the the manual needs a update.  Until now I did not give this much thought because the out of date info always seemed benign until this morning when I noticed that the installation section (Pg 12) specifically states that it is ok to install in \Program Files.  I am hopeful that the help info provided during the install is up to date (I regret not having looked at it).


  •  01-13-2016, 4:40

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    Re: Pegasus Mail manual

    I think this manual should be tackled as a group project with volunteers being given chapters or sections to update. The reason I say this is that David will be expected to write the first edition of Pegasus Mail V5, as no-one else will know, or have documentation to answer questions or information.

    As to your observation, I think it should be a priority for someone to update the current manual about not using the \Program files directory trees. The current manual is 176 pages set up in 16 chapters.


  •  01-23-2016, 23:38

    Re: Pegasus Mail manual

    My hand is raised to volunteer with writing, as schedule may allow.  My preference would be to focus on writing for forthcoming Version 5, rather the writing for the long-serving, but soon (hopefully) to be superseded Version 4.xx.

    As you say, Mr. Harris is the person with Version 5 knowledge, so except for somehow coordinating with Mr. Harris, or maybe helping to edit his drafts, I have no Version 5 knowledge.  Mr. Harris seems to prefer accomplishing the tasks himself.  ...  As past manuals are clear and well-orgainzed, Mr. Harris does not seem to require much editing.  Yet, his workload seems stupendous.  At some point, expecting him to do so much seems disrespectful and unappreciative.

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