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Spamhalter red (spam) classifications reset themselves to green

Last post 04-27-2017, 13:43 by geby. 1 replies.
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  •  04-12-2017, 13:04

    • JohnnyK is not online. Last active: 10 Jun 2018, 10:32 JohnnyK
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    Spamhalter red (spam) classifications reset themselves to green

    System resets Spam red signals to non Spam green!
    I am trying to make Spamhalter work on my laptop.My Spamhalter version embedded in Pegasus Mail is V

    I have a corpus of about 100 spammy emails in the "Junk or suspicious mail" folder which is selected in Spamhalter as the Spam Folder.

    However, the spam classification keeps on being reclassified by the system from red to green, ie spam becomes - mysteriously - non spam.

    Any ideas of how I can get the classifications to stay the way I've put them?

     Updating Spamhalter:
    Not sure whether my Spamhalter version is up to date, or if not, how I can update it? 


     Any help on these two issues will be very much appreciated.




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  •  04-27-2017, 13:43

    • geby is not online. Last active: 2017-04-27, 13:43 geby
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    Re: Spamhalter red (spam) classifications reset themselves to green

    Maybe you copy by an accident your spam messages out of Junk folder? It says to Spamhalter: "learn this as not-spam".

    Or you maybe lost your Spamhalter database  in your mail directory. It is file words4.db3.


    In both cases, best way to repair is to made corrections. Move missed spams to your junk folder, and move false positives out of junk folder. It learn your database again.


    Author of: Spamhalter, Clamwall, Graywall
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