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New extension available for creating and sending crash dumps

  •  10-04-2008, 12:49

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    New extension available for creating and sending crash dumps

    [Edit 06.08.2011: Version history moved to download section]

    I've created a small extension which automatically jumps in when Pegasus Mail crashes and creates a report message with Pegasus Mail's system configuration and a compressed crash dump attached. You're prompted for adding or changing the email address (a tech support address is provided by default) and adding a short description about what happened before the crash occurred. In more recent versions it's also possible to create "snapshots" of certain situations where Pegasus Mail appears to hang/freeze or even track normal execution.

    The installer allows you to select an arbitrary location for putting the extension's files and creates the form fact file in Pegasus Mail's main directory linking to it. It also allows you to set it up for multiple languages. For enabling easy access to all debug options you should allow the setup to create Start menu shortcuts which will also provide a shortcut to a ReadMe file providing more details about the way the extension works.

    Note that (in case of real crashes or forced termination) you have to actually send (and optionally edit) the report after Pegasus Mail has been restarted. If you're using a user defined gateway (such as Mercury) Pegasus Mail cannot send this report without reopening it (AFAIK), I currently don't have the skills or knowledge for changing this.

    The download links:

    - Windows 2000/XP and later (1.27 MB)

    - preceding Windows versions (739 KB)

    BTW, if you wonder about the sources: First of all this extension would be able to retrieve arbitrary information about your system and your email-communication especially; secondly the crash dumps may contain some email contents as well. My goal is simply to enable anyone to check what the extension is doing; and I assure you that any of this information will only be made available to developers involved in writing Pegasus Mail and its add-ons (= members of the internal beta-testers list), mainly David Harris, Martin Ireland and myself. If you don't want any of this to happen don't use this extension, please!


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