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Re: NO more 'change user'....

  •  08-22-2008, 14:22

    Re: NO more 'change user'....


    I'd love to have the 'Change user' taken out.
    That feature has been dropped in the latest beta version of the upcoming version of Pegasus Mail. The next version will (probably) be Pegasus Mail 4.5, and it is likely not to have the "Change user"-menu entry anymore.

    "Change user" was really useful when it was introduced. You could easily switch from one user to another without even having to close the program.
    However, things have changed in the meantime. To name two improvements that are important here: the "-ms"-switch (used in the command line) that allows you to run several instances of Pegasus Mail at the same time, so you can have several users open at the same time which had been not possible before the "-ms"-switch was introduced; and the great "Identity"- and "Internet definitions"-features that make it much easier to handle several e-mail address within a single user.


    It would be so nice to get all e-mail for different e-mail adresses/users at once and have in/out folders for each account seperately, but of course, viewable all at once.

    I believe this is already possible in Firebird e-mail...

    As I do not use Firefox, I do not know how that is implemented in Firefox exactly. However, what I can say is that you are able to handle several e-mail addresses in Pegasus Mail as well - identities are the key.
    An "Identity" in Pegasus Mail is a set of certain settings. You may create identity "AB" that includes settings for sending and receiving e-mail messages, the user interface settings, settings for handling replies and incoming messages etc. Every time you start identity "AB", its settings are applied. You can also create another identity "XYZ" that has different settings; like "AB", the settings of the "XYZ"-identity will applied as soon as you start identity "XYZ".
    As you can guess, identity "AB" may be used for sending and receiving e-mail of your first e-mail account (for example a Googlemail-address), whereas identity "XYZ" may be used for sending and receiving e-mail of your second e-mail account (perhaps a Technically speaking, the identities would differ in the POP3- and SMTP-definitions (a "POP3-definition". defines the way you download incoming messages, an "SMTP-definition" defines the way you send a message). More than that, identity "AB" and identity "XYZ" might differ in a lot ofer other settings and options - that is up to you.

    You want to have several "inboxes" for your e-mail accounts.
    What you can do in Pegasus Mail is to have several POP3-definitions, one for every e-mail address you have - that way, you can download all messages from all your e-mail accounts at a time within a single user. All incoming message will be placed in the same "New Mail"-folder, but you can create so-called "New Mail filtering rules" that filtre your incoming messages - those rules can automatically move messages from your mail-account 1 to folder 1 and move other incoming mail from your mail-account 2 to folder 2. Then, folder 1 would contain all messages that have been downloaded from your first e-mail account, whereas folder 2 would contain those messages from your second e-mail acount. This is similar to having several "Inboxes" for each e-mail account.
    There is a similar idea for sending messages. You can create filtering rules for outgoing messages, and that filtering rules might define that each message sent to Mr Wong is saved in a folder called "Mail for Mr Wong" (technically speaking, such a filtering rule would create a "copy to self" in the folder you have defined in the filtering rule). Generally, filtering rules for outgoing messages can be used for almost any needs in filtering and sorting you can imagine. - - You may also go to "Tools" | "Options" | "Outgoing mail" | "Copies to self ('outbox')" and simply define a folder for the very first option you find there ("Default copy-to-self folder name"). That means: as long as you have no filtering rules for outgoing messages, your outgoing message will be placed in the folder that is defined for that option. Since that option is based on identites, you can have your messages sent in identity "AB" moved to folder "sent via my Googlemail-address", whereas your messages sent in identity "XYZ" could be saved in a folder named "sent via my". I think this seems to meet the needs you have described.

    In short: several identites within a single user, several POP3- and SMTP-definitions for several e-mail accounts. It is simplier that it sounds here - if you have any questions, just ask.

    I promise that I will donate again (yup, folks I donated! I hope more folks did)
    Just do it. :-)

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