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Backing up by cut and pasting PMM & PMI files / ">" doesn't appear as the prefix in Replies

  •  09-10-2008, 0:57

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    Backing up by cut and pasting PMM & PMI files / ">" doesn't appear as the prefix in Replies

    Backing up by cut and pasting PMM & PMI files / No > in replies


    Can I reconnect a folder with its underlying PMM & PMI files?


    I keep a "monthly" folder of certain email correspondence and for the last couple of years as part of my periodic back up routine, transfer the PMM & PMI file for the month to a different Pmail setup on my backup media, by cutting the PMM/PMI files for the month's folder from the first Pmail system and pasting to the "PMail/Mail/Admin" folder on the backup Pmail system.


    A bit laborious, but Its worked like a charm; till now.


    Recently, after backing up the last month's folder by this cut and paste routine, the folder name didn't appear in the backup Pmail folder list. I can see the transferred PMM / PMI files sitting in the backup's "PMail/Mail/Admin" folder, but the folder doesn't appear.


    Can I edit some "link file" that re-connects the PMM / PMI files with their folder name?


    A related query; is there a way to list all folders with their PMM / PMI file names, side by side?


    And finally, on a totally different note, when I reply to emails, the " >" doesn't come up at the beginning of each line, notwithstanding that I've checked the "Prefix text included ......." to activate the ">" in the Reply Options.


    Any help to solve these queries will be much appreciated.


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