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Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)

  •  03-28-2007, 17:17

    Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)

    I have noticed several quirks with apps on Vista that also effect Pegasus Mail.   I thought a thread to discuss what I and others have found would be handy.

    Probably the biggest Feature (Annoyance) with Vista has to do with running software from other than local drives.  Vista trusts programs on removable drives/media  and network servers less.   Because of that you have to run Pegasus Mail as Administrator if its on a thumb drive in -roam mode.    It will run without Administrator but often will have messages that have no text in the reader pane (you can see the whole message under Raw View).   In Run as Administrator mode it works normal.   This happens with v4.41 but I suspect all versions are effected.

    Are there any other Vista quirks people have found so far?

    Larry Havenstein
    System Engineer
    Dept of Communications
    Kansas State University

    Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32 Beta Team Member.
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