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Re: Linux : Wine and pegasus beta

  •  10-15-2008, 10:51

    Re: Linux : Wine and pegasus beta

    >> In my opinion, the Pegasus' team (including Peg's users) has more to win in the fixing than the Wine's team.


    If we take just this year, then we now know...

    • Citroen have moved 250 servers and 20,000 PCs over to SuSE Linux.
    • The French Government have moved over 70,000 Police desktops to Ubuntu Linux.
    • The Spanish government have put Ubuntu Linux onto nearly half a million Spanish PCs.

    There are many more movers over to Linux.

    There are two big factors coming up which will move a lot more people over to Linux.

    First of all, This banking calamity will never be solved by pouring good money after bad. The governments in Europe and America are not addressing the undermental causes. That is just printing more money, without assets whenever they need it. To give you a clue of what is happening, just imagine you have the only five copies of a rare stamp in the world. They are worth $100,000 each. I find a sheet of 240 identical stamps on my attic, and tell everyone about my find. Now your five stamps will probably only be worth $2,041 each. On a grander scale, this is what is happening to our money. So people's buying power will gradually go down, and FREE will start sounding more interesting.

    Secondly, Microsoft is thinking of an annual licence for all their software, rather than an outright purchase. Once that comes into force, people will start looking for alternatives. Expect Apple and Linux to pick up a lot of disgruntled customers, or just Linux of Apple decide to follow suit.

    I do appreciate that David just has not got the resources to even entertain Linux. This is a fact. However, one of the great things about Linux is the source code is available and when others work on it, they send in their work to the original writer so he may incorporate the best ideas into the standard program. I can fully understand that this is not an option for most people though.

    I miss using Pegasus terribly, but I use a Palm and like my Palm addressbook, diary, memos and tasks updated daily so use Evolution.


    Ampers (Ubuntu Linux)
    London UK
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