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No Domain Mail Server

  •  11-05-2008, 0:29

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    No Domain Mail Server

    My setup is as follows:
    Mercury Core Process
    *Internet name: []
    Mercury SMTP Server
    *Connection control: Allow -
    Mercury SMTP Client (end-to-end) - because the destination is on the same machine as the source
    Mercury Pop3 Server

    Currently I am just running the server isolated on one machine, using [] as my internet name. However, the server doesn't seem to working properly. I sent a small piece of mail from local user to local user( Send@[] to Recieve@[] ) using Outlook Express as a client. The result looked like this:

    Tue 04, 18:13:02: Job MG000001: from Send@[] (non-local)
       Created outgoing job with ID MO000002
       To: Recieve@[] (non-local) -OK

    SMTP Server:
    Connection from, Tue Nov 04 18:14:45 2008
    EHLO []
    MAIL FROM:<Send@[]> SIZE=3392
    RCPT TO:<Recieve@[]>
    DATA - 74 lines, 3497 bytes.
    1 sec. elapsed, connection closed Tue Nov 04 18:14:46 2008

    SMTP End-to-End Client:
    18:15:33: processing job MO000002
    Resolved MX for '[]' to
    Connecting to
    MAIL FROM:<Send@[]>
    RCPT TO:<Recieve@[]>
    [4382 bytes] Message accepted for delivery by
    18:15:34: 1 second elapsed, closing connection.

    It repeated this set of output about 16 times and then the core reported this:
       * Message loop detected - message discarded.
    I cannot rectify this situation no matter how hard I try. I haven't altered any settings except the ones stated above. I have NO Filtering on at all. Yet the POP3 server says that recieve has no new mail. This has been confirmed through telnet on port 110

    All Help Appreciated.


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