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Auto-purge of TRASH folder?

  •  01-14-2009, 16:44

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    Auto-purge of TRASH folder?

    I'm pretty sure I'm having a "senior moment" here, as I'm pretty sure I saw, at one time — and even changed — a value that specified how long messages were retained in the IMAP TRASH folder before being purged. Now I can't find it to save my butt, and have even looked all over the fora and the help systems for Mercury and Pegasus.

    I'd like for this purge to work from Mercury, since I've now got Pegasus working pretty much exclusively as an IMAP client on four different devices, and even have my iPhone retrieving mail from the home place using IMAP, and don't want to have to change settings-to-match on all the clients. Not that I'm lazy . . . just wish to be efficient.

    I appreciate any help I get.



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