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A Serious Error has Occured... Use a Undelete Program...

  •  01-17-2009, 1:27

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    A Serious Error has Occured... Use a Undelete Program...


    While I'm still kicking myself, maybe someone can help me... 

    I received a error message saying that a Serious Error has Occured while compressing the Junk or suspicious mail folder. 

    Well, not having a undelete program, I unwisely restarted PMail. (V4.4) Will it seemed to recreate the Junk or suspicious mail folder without any of my old messages. 

    I then found and downloaded a undelete program and found in ...local settings\temp directory two files that I think are the .PMM and .PMI files that used to be my 

    Junk or suspicious mail folder.   When looking in the PMAIL folder, I find junk.pmm and junk.pmi in two directories.   PMAIL\MAIL\ADMIN and \DEFAULTS...

    Can/Where should the 'live' junk files live ??   Can I recover these temp files and get my messages back ?  The folder is called Junk, but my messages were not Junk... <grin>

    I'm open to any suggestions or ideas. 

     Thanks !! 

     Directory of C:\PMAIL\MAIL\ADMIN

    03/14/2007  08:18 AM                118 junk.pmi
    03/14/2007  08:18 AM             1,558 junk.pmm
                   2 File(s)          1,676 bytes

     Directory of C:\PMAIL\Programs\DEFAULTS

    04/24/2008  05:34 PM                118 junk.pmi
    01/16/2009  06:19 PM                512 junk.pmi.tmp
    04/24/2008  05:34 PM             1,558 junk.pmm
    01/16/2009  06:19 PM           49,152 junk.pmm.tmp
                   4 File(s)         51,340 bytes

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