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Re: Mail won't download from Exchange server

  •  02-04-2009, 4:03

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    Re: Mail won't download from Exchange server

    Thomas R. Stephenson:

    Hello Gents,

    I have an apparently worse problem with my exchange server too. All was well until at some point during last Thurday, I connected to my server ( and had Pegasus stuck running 100%CPU. I tried to close it, but apparently only the window closes and the program remains open, accordingly to Process Explorer.

     I contacted tech support from my mail server and they gave me some instructions (use port 993 or 995, SSL, etc) but the same problem.

    Notable programs running: WIndows 2000 with latest updates, AVG antivirus, ZoneAlarm firewall. All my other email programs run well even Pegasus can download POP3 from another account without problems.

     Any thoughts?

    Here's a few

    1.  There is a really big message on the Exchange host and you are timing out.  Use File | Selective mail download to see what's on the server.  

    2.  If you are using AVG between the Exchange host and PMail turn it off.

    3.  Check to make sure the firewall is not blocking PMail.

     Thank you for your response Thomas, here are my direct answers:

    1. I have normal access to the Exchange server from the web and also from Outlook Express (as a temporary measure). Thus no big message clogging things up.
    2. AVG is not supossed to mess up with any email for that purpose. I also tried de-activating AVG while trying to connect and the same results.
    3. The firewall is not blocking PMail.

    I used to access the server using POP3, and it was working but it stopped last week (precisely Jan 30th). I tried to create IMAP folders with PMail and it didn't work either, thus beginning my plight on the matter.

    I keep contact with the customer support, but so far no answer. I am trying to find what changed in that date. It is possible they tried to enforce SSL on their servers and that is creating a conflict, but I need to get an answer from them. However, I do not experience problems while using Outlook Express and IMAP folders accessing the server. I also tried reinstalling PMail and didn't work too. So I believe it is something in between.

    Is it possible some file or folder is corrupted in my email directory that is causing the problem? How I can fix that?

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