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Re: Pegasus on linux server

  •  02-15-2009, 14:35

    Re: Pegasus on linux server

    Hello, Thomas,

     Thank you for your reply. I must say that sounds an original solution but not one that I can follow at the moment.

    What I really need is a native linux popper that will dump new mail into the pegasus folder with a .CNM extension. Then Pegasus can access that folder via a Samba share on the server and conduct business as usual. My concern is to not have to do something special at this stage with the existing Pegasus directory structure.

    I don't see that defining the extension of a new mail file is a configurable option with any linux utility that I have looked at up to the present. I assume, perhaps naively, that a file downloaded by the pop3 protocol is the same whether Mercury or mpop does it, and that the saved new email file is unchanged in structure whether it has a .CNM extension or something else. Why the pop3 delivery has to be restricted to mbox or maildir format I haven't worked out yet, Maildir is one file per email anyway.

    I am missing some vital component in my understanding of the issue. There surely should be a simple way to retain full Pegaus operability with the files in the typical /pmail/mail/user structure on a linux server, and that includes getting the new mails in a format that Pegaus can read. Sure, IMAP would be fine, but what about years of email all stacked up that I need to access. I don't want to archive them or go to some special machine so that I can access info a dozen times a day.

    I don't see that I can be the first person in this bind. If i find a solution I'll follow up on this thread.

     best regards



    So much to do, so little time
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