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Proposal for a mail system bundle for schools.

  •  02-17-2009, 15:41

    Proposal for a mail system bundle for schools.

    This is more a proposal for funding than a technical proposal. It is published here only because the webmaster has refused to create a forum category about funding issues. This proposal has been published before, offers serious perspectives for funding, but the first time it was not taken seriously by the Beta-Testers team. I am not sure it has been transmitted to David Harris.


    I propose to assemble Mercury and Pmail in a commercial bundle for secondary schools, for the teachers who are in charge of teaching their students basic computer skills.


    To my knowledge, most developed countries have some sort of education programm, to ensure that the whole of a generation acquires basic computer skills, that nobody is left behind, becoming a "computer illiterate". Then most teachers in charge of that desire a mail system that is really very very very easy to use, and very very very secure.


    And most secondary schools can pay 20 $ if the mail system is really convenient.


    Now if somebody is interested, I can develop more technical details.

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