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Templates in toolbar / MENUBTN extension / Combined .FFF file

  •  02-18-2009, 22:30

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    Templates in toolbar / MENUBTN extension / Combined .FFF file

    Hi there,

    I just re-discovered Pmail (after 6-7 years) and I love it! The past few days I was able to discover the answers to a lot of my questions, but one still stands. Somewhere on this forum I read:

    Thomas R. Stephenson:

    Normally this is done via a template. I'm using the helpdesk template for this right now and it's setting on my toolbar.  There are probably a number of others that do this as well. 

    The problem is that I don't seem to be able to get a template button on the toolbar, nor can I get a button to show the "Select a template"-window (Ctrl-F7). I must overlook something, searched internet and this forum, studied BPANEL.TXT and HELPDESK.PM5 a 1000 times. Please enlighten me. I made a TOOLBAR.PM and use the Menubtn-extension.

    I use Pegasus Mail 4.50 PB1 on XP Pro.

    Thanks in advance,

    Pegasus Mail is to my digital youth
    what my first gal is to my real life.
    But Pegasus came back to me ....
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