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Re: Serious bug report and request for solution

  •  03-14-2009, 6:29

    Re: Serious bug report and request for solution

    PEC, can you read the Raw View and tell us what the mail software of your correspondent is? You should find it after "X-Mailer".


    Or if you don't find it, copy/paste the header here if you can. Be careful to remove anything that could be illegal to publish before (confidential).


    BUT, I have to say, even if the RFC is as you say, the raw view shows the full text so shouldn't we expect to see it also in the normal message view (surely?).


    I would find it extremely difficult to argue with you on that point. In other words, you seem more than perfectly right.


    Thomas R. Stephenson:
    Nope, what you read was you should tell the correspondents that they should use email clients that comply with the MUST requirements of the RFC.


    I would humbly suggest that Pmail MUST read the text that is already in Raw View, and that the receiver SHOULD be very cautious before disturbing the sender about a mail compatibility issue ^^


    PEC, can you also try the same account with Thunderbird and see what happens?

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