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Re: Proposal for a mail system bundle for schools.

  •  03-16-2009, 15:42

    Re: Proposal for a mail system bundle for schools.

    I think that most network administrators naturally want to develop things that make network administrators necessary.


    You can see that on many opensource development platforms: powerful tools in theory, but that need expert finish in order to become usable. You can also see that in the reports of some large public institutions that contemplated adopting opensource software: there is no economy, you just shift the budget from buying commercial software to hiring network administrators.


    A programmer who needs money will on the contrary want to make a product that will immediately satisfy the client. I think the education market is craving for a simple tool that needs no network administrator.


    So, technically, would it be like the Mercury/Pegasus that we know now? Yes, that's why I'm proposing it, it's feasable. But commercially, it would be a complete repackaging.


    Just think of the market of primary schools alone. Just think 20 NZD for each primary school on the global market. It would not be a shame to package a toy-like version, would it?


    It is really a priority that DH earns the money he deserves. And when I say a priority I mean it is really above the opinions of the supporters, me included. It is really above personal tastes.

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