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Re: Serious bug report and request for solution

  •  03-17-2009, 4:45

    Re: Serious bug report and request for solution

    Sorry to be the bad guy again, but in this forum it seems you have to chose between being a good guy and being common sense.


    Finally, I think that you, PEC, have to take a bit of the blame for not noticing the bizarre end of line in the long paragraph. Did you not see the mid-word break and think "something's missing there"?

    I would never blame a user for not noticing a bug. I would even say that if we propose a mail client to download, the user is right to assume that it at least displays the text.

    However, as the missing bit in this example doesn't appear to be vital, as you suggested earlier, I have to assume that this is not the message which caused the major misunderstanding.

    We don"t have to judge the importance of people's messages. Any letter not displayed is problematic.

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