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Pegasus hangs when trying to move or copy message

  •  03-27-2009, 10:05

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    Pegasus hangs when trying to move or copy message


    I have a number of acounts in my Pegasus and in one of them suddenly I can no longer move or copy a message to another folder. In all other accounts there are no problems.

    When I try to move/copy a message the program freezes and doesnot respond to anything anymore. I can only stop it by using ctrl/alt/del. Strangely enough there the program is not frozen, but still active.

    I am using Pegasus 4.41 on a Windows XP 32bit machine with two monitors. I have read on the forum that in most cases you can resolve a freeze by finding the child window and closing that, but I havent been able to find one.

    I would appreciate any suggestions because this particular account is used for my business.... and I am a bit of a lame duck now :)


    Best regards,




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