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Pegasus deleted too many messages!

  •  03-28-2009, 17:48

    Pegasus deleted too many messages!

    I've got Pegasus 4.41 (Win32), XP Home.  This has got me twice now.  

    The cursor is on a message I wish to delete (say, New York Times) in the New Mail Folder.  I Sort on the From column so I can delete all of the New York Times messages at the same time.  I hold Shift while selecting the bottom of the series.  Then Delete.  And find I have deleted all of the messages from New York Times down to the B's or C's.  Which is disastrous.

    Of course, this only happens where I've ssumed all is well, and the highlighted messages extend beyond the current screen.  And I am trying to remember now to check each time if the highlighted messages go to the top or bottom of the current screen.  Which means it happens to me only every couple of years or so.

    Funnily enough, there doesn't seem to be any problem with selecting blocks of messages low in the alphabet.  Everything works they way you would expect (the top and bottom of the messages are as specified).  With messages a little higher in the alphabet, Pegasus will take the second highlighted message as the starting point, and include some arbitrary number of higher messages.

    I can certainly deal with this by being very careful and not assuming that the first message selected is still remembered after the Sort, even if it is still highlighted.  But the way things are at the moment, it's a bit of a trap (at least for an innocent like me!)

    Two questions:

    1.  Is there this a solution to this?  (If it has anything to do with the number of messages in the New Mail Folder, there are usually over 200 when I start to do the clean up).

    2.  Is there a simple way of restoring the messages from my back up to the New Message Folder, without overwriting all of my other folders?

    I love Pegasus and this is a very minor issue.  But any help very much appreciated!


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