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Transaction filtering - won't exit on match?

  •  04-15-2009, 5:20

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    Transaction filtering - won't exit on match?

    For a very long time I ran a domain-mail system that allowed me to use a different email for every site I signed up to.  amazon@, thisforum@, thatforum@, etc.  Over the last year or so the spammers have basically carpet-bombed my server with completely spurious names, and the open-door policy has finally run its course.


    I went through the last four years of emails, and gathered 120 of the addresses I ever used or expect to use again, and put them in a great big transflt file.  Basically, it works like this: Whitelisted domains, accepted addresses, kill everything else.  So, in short:


    R, "*@domain1*", X

    R, "*<user@domain2*", X

    R, "*", R, "554 - Go Away, kthxbai."

    (There are 10 whitelists, 120 users accepted, and the last line kills everything else.


    The problem is the processing never exits for valid mail.  All mails are killed by the last line, where I had expected mail to USER@DOMAIN2 to be cleared, as its presence exits the rest of the processing.


    Is my thinking wrong?  Am I using it wrong?  Any help is appreciated.


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