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Re: Version of the S/MIME extension fixes some crash conditions

  •  07-05-2009, 21:46

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    Re: Version of the S/MIME extension fixes some crash conditions



    I have installed the extension and it works great on POP3 accounts; I have been a Pegasus user since 1996 and this has probably prevented me from the need to switch to Thunderbird. However, the extension does not work with my IMAP accounts. Does the mention in the manual "except for IMAP folders" mean that IMAP4 is not supported?

    Please note that the whole extension only works because I've implemented lots of workarounds - it wouldn't work at all if depending solely on Pegasus Mail's extension interface. This is why IMAP isn't supported at all (it would just require to much hacking - if I could get it to work at all) unless David Harris fully supports MIME encryption and signing (be it S/MIME or PGP/MIME). Simply moving messages from an IMAP folder to a lokal one won't work either as there's some basic processing to be done on message download before Pegasus Mail even starts looking at it: This will only happen if downloading your IMAP messages via built-in POP3. Did you try modifying the message flags as described in the Manual decryption and the subsequent Hints sections of the manual to achieve your goal?

    No, I didn't. Will be trying and let you know. In the meanwhile, many thanks for your prompt reply and great work.
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