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Version 4.51 Crashes: First Aid

  •  07-31-2009, 19:56

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    Version 4.51 Crashes: First Aid

    If you encounter crashes with Pegasus Mail version 4.51 you should first check whether any of the following conditions is met:

    1. Pegasus Mail crashes immediately on start-up, possibly accompanied by a message indicating a library called IConv.dll to fail because of an illegal instruction: This is caused by trying to load the library on a machine not being equipped with a Pentium Pro compatible CPU (but it's not only affecting Intel processors!). To fix this issue download the plain Pentium compatible version from the download section and copy it into Pegasus Mail's installation directory replacing the existing version delivered with the Pegasus Mail setup.
    2. Pegasus Mail crashes randomly within a couple of minutes after launching it with or without any user activities involved; it may also lack the Spamhalter ... menu item in the Tools | Spam and content controls submenu: This is caused by Spamhalter failing to load its existing database to be found in a file called words4.db3 located in the active user's mailbox directory. To fix this issue you may simply remove the existing database file - a new, empty one will be created automatically when restarting Pegasus Mail. The downside of doing this is that Spamhalter needs to be trained again ...
    3. Pegasus Mail crashes when replying to a formatted message quoting the original HTML text and using a formatted signature containing an image which is added on message creation: While some details of the description may vary the common cause is the formatted signature containing an image link. Pegasus Mail stops crashing if the image data are directly inserted into the signature by copying (from an image viewer) and pasting (Ctrl + V) the image into the signature instead of only linking to the image file via the respective toolbar button of the signature editor. You may use my conversion tool for converting existing signature files into the proper format.


    If none of these conditions is met you may need to provide more details about how to duplicate your crash and a crash dump which can be created by using my MiniDump extension to be downloaded and installed either for XP or later systems or previous ones. The announcement post provides some more details about this extension.

    [Thanks to all those of you helping to compile this information by testing and reporting!]


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