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Re: Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)

  •  06-07-2007, 16:28

    Re: Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)


    Hi again, I've tried with Compatibility mode turned on, and frankly it's made things much worse.  Now it still pegs the CPU at 100%, BUT, in Task Manager it no longer shows the Pegasus process and causes the machine to become unoperable.  I'm reverting back to regular mode as I've had to hit the physical power switch on the machine several times now because of this issue.

    One thing that I forgot to mention before but remembered now is that I also get an error in Pegasus that says "Unable to initialize printer" when I'm just viewing a message; this occurs sometimes just before it goes into the whole 100% CPU usage mode, but not every time.  It's an error that comes up where I can press the OK button, but even though I press it, another identical box just pops right up behind it so it's never ending.  I end up having to close my mailboxes in Pegasus, then quitting.  It usually pops up with a message that says the product quit unexpectedly.

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again! 


    Is your default printer online and ready to use?   You may want to try using Cute PDF or Bullzip PDF printers (can be available no matter since they are PDF printers) as a default rather than your normal as some printer drivers will interact odd with Vista.   The Unable to inialize printer is key here as when you open various parts of Pegasus Mail it requires a printer to respond.  It is a feature of the editor library that is used, which was written to be able to support wordprocessor features.    This is a problem on other versions of Windows also if the printer is not talking correctly to the OS.

    Anyway that is where you should look.  Often going to the printer manufacturer and getting the most recient printer drivers helps.




    Larry Havenstein
    System Engineer
    Dept of Communications
    Kansas State University

    Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32 Beta Team Member.
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