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Re: Buttons missing (Pmail 4.51 / Windows 7 RC)

  •  08-14-2009, 9:59

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    Re: Buttons missing (Pmail 4.51 / Windows 7 RC)

    I have run into the same problem on Windows 7 RC, and I don't use the preview pane. I have seen the problem happen with the folder view and message reader window toolbars.

    I use Windows 7 only occasionally (still mostly on XP SP3 - I tried Vista but gave up...), and haven't noticed if it's only after a fresh run of both, but I do know that it's an intermittent problem which doesn't always happen, but is common enough to be worrisome, especially given the currently uncertain status of Pegasus Mail's future development and the inevitable adoption of Windows 7 sooner or later by many users. All I know is that the buttons disappear, and since Pegasus Mail mostly doesn't have redundant functions in right-click menus, for example, this often leads me to have to close the program and try again. Otherwise, however, Pegasus Mail 4.51 works perfectly under Windows 7.

    On very rare occasions, I have seen the buttons disappear also on Windows XP, but this is far less common, and there is a difference: the buttons appear when I hover the mouse cursor over where they should be. This has no effect when using Windows 7. Sorry, but the XP bug is absolutely unpredictable, and I have no idea of how to reproduce this.

    My system is an AMD Athlon 64 3800+, 2 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT video card, dual-boot with a Windows XP Professional SP3 partition and another one with Windows 7 RC (while PMail was installed separately in each system, the mailbox folder is the same, shared by both installs of PMail and located in a third, data-only partition). All Windows Update patches are applied and kept up-to-date. I also regularly check all hardware drivers for their latest versions. Security software (which might perhaps interfere, though PMail is set as "trusted") is Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on Windows XP, and Avast! Antivirus combined with PC Tools Firewall on Windows 7.

    I hope this helps the issue to get fixed in an eventual future 4.52 or 4.6 version.


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