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Re: Poll about the "change users" option

  •  08-16-2009, 11:53

    Re: Poll about the "change users" option

    I think the command line option is not an exact replacement of the Change User button :


    1) The command line option was introduced a work-around, for a bug that has not been clearly identified and solved. Making it a permanent feature for the next version raises issues in terms of development philosophy.


    2) The command line option operates an evolution from a menu button towards a command line option. This also is not neutral, and raises issues in terms of development philosophy, if the aim is to appeal to a large users base in the years 2010's, on Windows Seven. It seems that all other major mail clients have evolved towards more graphic interface, and the use of Start -> Run is no longer standard.


    3) The command line option keeps the previous session opened. Many people saw in the Change User option the possibility to close the previous session, for example to clearly separate the activities of several persons on the same desktop, or to clearly separate the activities of the same person on the same desktop.


    4) The Change User option was one of the few features that other mail clients didn't have. It is not certain that users in the years 2010's will be attracted by Pmail's superior handling of HTML rendering, spam fighting, spell-checking, etc., compared to those features in Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, Entourage...


    In short, we must not underestimate in this poll the possibility of people "voting with their feet", i.e. leaving, instead of spending time arguing here.

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