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Re: Poll about the "change users" option

  •  08-23-2009, 19:23

    Re: Poll about the "change users" option

    Yes but it will be a command line switch.


    I'm not speaking only for myself. Fot most users on XP, Vista and Seven nowadays, having to use the command line for a mail client is a bug. Having to go to Start -> Run is to them a sign that the software is unfinished.


    I am (was) concerned about expanding the user base. How do you attract new users in 2009 by telling them they will have to use Start -> Run. Historically, it belongs to DOS, for instance when you launched Windows from DOS. Unix remains with command lines, Windows is for icons and buttons now. People here seem to consider it indifferent if a given function is metamorphosed from GUI to command line. It's not indifferent. It means the application is no longer standard on Windows.


    Unless you are developing a client for network administrators. Who are willing to adopt Pmail. That kind of people will have the choice to install Lotus Notes, MS Exchange with outlook, or more and more an online interface, but no, they will insist on having Pmail.


    Also, for the end user, the possibility of managing multiple accounts with a single window for each account was a decisive usability advantage, and a security against mistakes. Even if it comes back, I will still be wondering why it was not acknowledged as an obvious advantage by the people selected as beta testers by David Harris.


    Or why does almost any suggestion meet resistance here.

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