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Messages not delivered to local user mailboxes

  •  08-28-2009, 12:28

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    Messages not delivered to local user mailboxes

    I have, for some time, been running Mercury V4.62 on a single machine, using MercuryD to collect mail from 3 POP servers and deliver it to half a dozen mailboxes, without significant problems.

     I have recently added a fourth POP server and the mail from this site is not being delivered correctly. In the setup for MercuryD if I enter a user in the 'Local user' box all mail is correctly delivered to that user. If, however, I leave that blank and enter a user in the 'Default user' box (what I want to do) then all the mail gets delivered there, even when addressed to another valid user. If I leave both boxes empty the mail is deleted, even when addressed to a valid user.

    The POP3 Host is the same for all 4 sites and the mailbox definitions are identical (as far as I can see) except of course for the Username and password. The other 3 sites continue to work correctly, It is only the new one that is causing a problem. Everything is on the same machine, the mailboxes are all simple names, 8 characters or less. I am not using Aliases.

    Have I missed some obvious setting?


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