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Re: 4.5.1 Buffer Overrun Detected

  •  10-24-2009, 17:53

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    Re: 4.5.1 Buffer Overrun Detected


    I often experiment this king of problem. First the message counter in one of my IMAP folder disappears (normally the iNBOX), then Pegasus states there was an error on the IMAP server and afterwards I get a MS C++ Runtime Library stating that there was a buffer overrr.

    I normally restart PMAIL, reconnect to the IMAP server, right click on the INOBX fodler (or the one on which I have the problem) and clear both the header and body cache, then a reindex the folder and the problem is solved.

    Sometimes, like today, this solution doesn't work and PMAIL contunies to crash.

    In this situation I used to access my IMAP server via a web client move a substantial amount of messages from the INBOX folder to another one and hope that PMAIL is able to reindex the faulting folder. Of course I will prefer to have a "real solution".

    Is the use of the mbxmaint.exe and check and reindex the faulting folder teh "real solution"?

    Thanks, regards


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