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PM gives brief Flash of Flying Horse but fails to open in Win XP Pro

  •  11-04-2009, 18:43

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    PM gives brief Flash of Flying Horse but fails to open in Win XP Pro

    My system is Win XP Pro SP2, AVG Free 8.5, Firefox 3.5.
    My new PC has been running PM v4.51 for a couple of weeks having been installed over 4.44.  There is little else on the PC presently other than WPerfect/QuattroPro 8.   Everything has been working normally, both browser and PM, until last Friday when I had an odd message during boot-up of XP on the Welcome blue screen saying the "one of your  disks needs to be checked for consistency....",  I let it run the suggested check  which appeared to show no errors and it continued to open into XP desktop as normal.   Firefox and WordPerfect operated normally, but on clicking on the PM desktop icon there was a brief flash of the "flying horse" and nothing else.

    Should I uninstall PM and re-install, or is there one of the PM files that can be deleted and which will regenerate on rebooting and  opening PM?   I assume somehow a file has been corrupted.  My two PM folders are PegasusMail and Pegasusmail Messages
    I had successfully transferred my PM and Mail messages folder from this computer (Win 98) to the new WinXP one in July using the procedure suggested by Mr Stephenson "Re:Moving Pegasusmail to new PC from old hard drive caddy", 7 Jul 2008, to graduate from Win98 SE to XP Pro .

    Thanks for any advice.
    Rodney Fry
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