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Re: PM gives brief Flash of Flying Horse but fails to open in Win XP Pro

  •  11-05-2009, 17:46

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    Re: PM gives brief Flash of Flying Horse but fails to open in Win XP Pro

    I re-installed PM over the previous version having copied the PM messages to
    a TEMP folder just in case.   Unfortunately this did not cure the
    inability to open PM, it just flashes the horse as before.

    I uninstalled PM via Control Panel , re-booted the PC and checked with Explorer that nothing was
    left, but the PM folder was still in C:/PegasusMail so I assumed it must be the remnants
    of ver 4.41 files.  I deleted this folder.

    I then re-installed v4.51 using the Wizard and when it asked for the location of the messages gave my
    folder path as C:/PegasusMail Messsages.   The installation finished and now it opens as normal
    when clicking on the desktop icon -  it was noticed the Welcome message
    window said "Welcome to 4.5! "  somehow the 1 & ! have been switched
    round in the files!! 

    It also stated that it detected a previously used older version on this Mailbox. Why does it say that if I had successfully
    deleted the old version - is the information held in a file in the message folder?   I appear to have lost the new signatures, the old ones for v4.41 are present instead.   Rebooted the PC once more, renewed the signatures and now everything is back to normal (this is from the Win XP machine),  but it still hasn't solved the question what happened.

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