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idw's PGP-Frontend for Pegasus Mail

  •  11-16-2009, 7:55

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    idw's PGP-Frontend for Pegasus Mail

     I'm sorry if this is not the proper group to post to, if it isn't please direct me to the right one.

     I installed idw's PGP-Frontend for Pegasus Mail and I am using PGP version 12 and it does not include that version.  My Pegasus now will not send giving an error message of "You do not have an active an active STMP definition for sending mail via the internet.' although it is set up properly for I did not change it.

     I can't uninstall the  PGP-Frontend for Pegasus Mail because I get the error message "Runtime error at (6:68) Internal error cannot call "EXTRACTTEMPORARYFILE" function during Uninstall.

     I can't call up PMPGPHelper.exe because I get the error message "Wrong PGP version 6.5.x, 7x, 8x or 9x required."

     How can I safely get my Pegasus mail running properly again?

    Morris Gray

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