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AW: Re: v.451 Crashes in Win 7 When "Add Folder" Is Clicked

  •  11-22-2009, 2:00

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    AW: Re: v.451 Crashes in Win 7 When "Add Folder" Is Clicked

    you're currently the only one encountering such an issue - especially as it's not a crash, which could be diagnosed by my MiniDump extension.

    No, not longer; me too.

    Additionally to this problem, my Pegasus Mail is affectet with the described "add folder" problem: Clicking on "add" in the main folder will freeze Pegasus Mail, Alt+F4 releases it. Strange. I cant create any new folder. Annoying.

    Running Pegasus Mail as an Admin makes no difference.

    How are we supposed to develop a patch if you don't contact us? I can only do so off-site as mentioned repeatedly already. If you contact me personally I can provide you with some diagnostic tools and hints for finding out what actually causes your issue

    Please give advise how to give you the information you need to analyse this behaviour.

    (Win7-64 Home Premium german, Pegasus Mail 4.51 german on Lenovo ThinkPad T400)

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