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AW: Re: Just one issue so far with 4.51

  •  11-26-2009, 13:12

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    AW: Re: Just one issue so far with 4.51

    Anti-virus is Sophos Endpoint Security and Control and is set to scan on write only, not to scan archive files and to only scan 'infectable' files. I added the new winpm-32.exe file to the Windows exclusion list on the server and the clients late yesterday afternoon. This morning, I have noticed a difference in the opening times. I have to check 4 mail accounts, one of which is the 'catchall' account for the company. The spam (0 mails, no filtering rules), admin (0 mails, no filtering rules), and catchall account (150 new messages, no filtering rules), opened in 2 seconds, my account (62 new messages, 18 filtering rules), opened in 10 seconds.

    I remember massive delay too, but it was pre-4.51-times and all files local, but also on XP. The delay occured not only on startup, but on opening / closing of folders too; especially when filters are in place.

    I found my AV (F-Secure) causing the problem, as it has scanned always all files, ignoring the optinons not to do so ("only executeable files").
    Maybe Pegasus Mail is too geeky for those AV-guys to know, so pm*-files are assumed executeable?
    Anyway: Whitelist pm*-files solved the problem (and a note to the AV-manufacturer on his lousy work – they fixed it).

    Although Pegasus Mail was running local, I ve seen network-delay on XP often, especially on first access or access after some network-idle-time – which is independent of the machine running, as long as it causes no network-access.

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